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Welcome to HKLII

HKLII is a project of Law & Technology Centre, a centre jointly established by Department of Computer Science and Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong. HKLII has obtained the kind assistance of the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) in its development. With a view to promoting and supporting the rule of law in Hong Kong, HKLII is a free, independent, non-profit Internet facility providing the public with legal information relating to Hong Kong. HKLII supports and participates in the free access to law movement.

Database Additions
  • The Law and Technology Centre has launched a series of mobile apps on the Android platform for its free and popular bilingual legal information websites. The latest app available is FamilyCLIC, a legal information website under CLIC specifically designed for families in Hong Kong.

    Features of the FamilyCLIC app include:
    • comprehensive browsing through various legal issues that Hong Kong families would commonly encounter; such as divorce, domestic violence and assistance, dispute with neighbours, purchasing property together;
    • quick search in nearly 20 legal topics;
    • easy switch between languages (English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese);
    • 100 FAQs which summarizes the contents of FamilyCLIC as an introductory guide.

    For more information on the FamilyCLIC app, please visit:
    Other mobile apps developed by LawTech Centre also include:
    HKLII app: http://bit.ly/HKLII_Android
    CLIC app: http://bit.ly/HKCLIC_Android
    SeniorCLIC app: http://bit.ly/SeniorCLIC_Android
    FamilyCLIC app: http://bit.ly/FamilyCLIC_Android

  • Privacy Awareness Week - AustLII, NZPCO & APEC DPC Chair announce expansion of International Privacy Law Library.

  • The Privacy Commissioner's investigation and inspection reports database is now available at HKLII. For details, please click here.

  • The Law and Technology Centre (LawTech Centre) has launched its fourth legal information website developed for people in Hong Kong with no legal background, the FamilyCLIC.
    FamilyCLIC provides free legal information on 19 topics involving legal issues commonly encountered by families in Hong Kong. The website has summarized the contents of the website to 100 questions and answers as an introductory guide for viewers. These 100 Q&As are printed into booklets which will be available to the public for free. For more information, please click here for more details.

Last updated 21 July 2017

HKLII participates in the free access to law movement, a grouping of the following organisations:
Free Access to Law WorldLII ULII TLRC SAFLII PacLII NZLII MalawiLII LIIofIndia LII (Cornell) LawPhil KSL JIPS IRLII IIJusticia IIJ UNAM HKLII Droit.org CyLaw CommonLII Cardiff BAILII AustLII AsianLII AltLaw

HKLII Needs Your Support
Since January 2002, HKLII has been providing the general public with online access to HK’s legal information free of charge.

Unfortunately, despite our utmost effort in minimising the operation costs, the fund for HKLII is about to run out. This means that unless there are new funds coming to HKLII, the day will come when it can no longer be in operation.

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