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Citation: e.g. 1: [2002] HKCFI 1234
e.g. 2: CACV 154/1984
Case name: e.g. 1: HKSAR v. CHAN KAM WAH
e.g. 2: 香港特別行政區 訴 富士達香港有限公司
Legislation name: e.g. 1: JUSTICES OF THE PEACE ORDINANCE
e.g. 2: 建築物能源效益
Document title: e.g. Crimes Ordinance
Parties of judgment: e.g.: B & Q PLC
Coram of judgment: e.g. 1: E.C. Barnes, D.J.
e.g. 2: 張慧玲
Parties representation: e.g. 1: G. Alderdice
e.g. 2: 資深大律師
Charge: e.g. 1: Dangerous driving
e.g. 2: 危險駕駛
All of these words: e.g. breach fiduciary duty
Exact phrase: e.g. parliamentary sovereignty
Any of these words: e.g. waste pollution radiation
Advanced query: [Help] e.g. pollut* and (nuclear or radioactiv*)
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