Call For Papers

Free Access to law in Asia and the global experience

Submission of papers is invited on topics including but not limited to the following:

  • Challenges and barriers in free access to law in Asia and elsewhere
  • Multi-lingual legal databases and searching
  • Legal issues in the provision of free legal information
  • Freedom of information and free access to law
  • Governance and funding models for sustainability of free legal databases
  • Making historical legal materials accessible online
  • Social networking technologies and their implications for free access to law?
  • Keeping track of legislative evolution online
  • Quality control and timeliness of online legal services
  • Standards for legal information on the web?
  • Free access to law as community services
  • International law on the web: Treaties, International Courts etc
  • Finding law across the web - indexing and searching
  • Litigation support on the web
  • Innovative uses of online legal data
  • Court registries and electronic filing / transactions
  • Interactive and 'intelligent' legal services on the web
  • Teaching law using internet resources
  • Automation of large-scale legal data on the web
  • Legal publishing via the web

Papers on other aspects of law via the Internet are also welcome. Papers purely on 'cyber law' or 'internet law' will not be accepted unless they relate directly to free access to law on the Internet. Papers submitted should raise issues of theoretical or practical interest to others who are developing or using internet-based law resources.

Kevin K H Pun
Director, HKLII
Programme Chair

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