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HKLII is a project of Law & Technology Centre, a centre jointly established by Department of Computer Science and Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong. HKLII has obtained the kind assistance of the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) in its development. With a view to promoting and supporting the rule of law in Hong Kong, HKLII is a free, independent, non-profit Internet facility providing the public with legal information relating to Hong Kong. HKLII supports and participates in the free access to law movement.

Last updated 19 January 2022

HKLII participates in the free access to law movement, a grouping of the following organisations:
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HKLII is working hard to make law publicly accessible. In 2020, HKLII began redeveloping the 20-year-old website to modernise the interface and add more functionalities to enhance users’ legal research experience. Yes, the pandemic didn't stop us. We will keep moving forward to provide free access to legal information with more intelligent features. We have our donors to thank for that. We hope you will support us by joining them and making a donation to us. Our goal for the coming years is to raise one million dollars and to incorporate AI techniques into HKLII.

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